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Ryan 04 Feb 2013
I recently bought a car from Auto Locators of Texas and was very pleased with the quality of car and superb customer service. I did an initial test drive, loved the car, and was in and out in about 20 minutes with all the paperwork. I would recommend ATL to any prospective auto buyers!
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David N. new M5 owner! 21 Jan 2013
This was my first time visiting. I just came to look at a BMW M5. After I test drove the car I made an offer and bought it and even had them sell y truck which sold in 10 days. Amber is great to work with and handled everything to make it as smooth as possible. Rick was fun to sit down and talk abou...t cars with. We both are car guys and my jealous he has built a great business that I wish I could have done. I will be buying/trading my next car with these guys again soon. Thanks guys. David N Show more
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Pablo Villarreal 16 Jan 2013
Took a 10 hour drive to find out that I was we'll worth the drive. I got there saw the vehicle I was interested in test drove it and a couple do signatures and I was on my way back home with a 2002 ford f-150 Harley Davidson truck in outstanding condition. It won't be the last time I'll visit this p...lace great service THANKS GUYS LOVE MY TRUCK Show more
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Tracie 22 Dec 2012
This sums up my process at Auto Locators of Texas. I have bought many cars and never had gone through the process so easily. I was shopping for a car and was greeted with such a friendly staff. They never pressured me into a sale and I love the way they handled the whole process. Financing was so si...mple! When it came down to the paperwork, I was in and out in about 15 minutes. I thought maybe we had more to do, but they are efficient and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!! I will definitely buy my next car from them. Show more
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Keith 21 Dec 2012
My wife and I came in last week and we were not ready to buy. We met with Amber and the owner Richard and they helped us look at several cars and SUV's. They were not the typical pushy "Salesman". They were actually VERY laid back. After some research, we decided on the Toyota Sienna minivan. W...e came in and Amber actually beat our interest rate from our Credit Union. We were in and out of the dealership in less than 30 minutes. We will be back in April when my son turns 16 for sure!!! Thanks for such an easy purchase. Show more
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Jess Padek 10 Dec 2012
I would highly recommend using Richard Walsh and Auto Locators of Texas if you are in the market for a new car. Richard made the experience of buying my new car extremely easy and enjoyable. Amber was very helpful with any questions that surfaced throughout the car buying experience. When I buy my n...ext car, I will go through Auto Locators of Texas. ess Padek Show more
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Amy Blanchard 16 Nov 2012
My boyfriend (now-husband) purchased a car from Auto Locators of Texas several years ago and has always talked about the positive experience. I recently had the opportunity to work with Auto Locators of TX this year to purchase a 2012 GMC Acadia SLT. We were blown away with the friendliness of the... staff and the owner, Richard. The business feels extremely well-run and organized. They are NOT pushy or "salesy" whatsoever. It feels like you are purchasing a car from a family member. The most annoying part of buying a car (new or used) is dealing with the sales people...getting stuck in a salesperson's office while the cheesy manager comes in and introduces themselves. Auto Locators of TX is completely different. You can view their inventory online and come in to test-drive a car if you wish. If you are looking for a specific vehicle, their specialty is locating cars, and they do this through the use of auctions. Richard will email you the cars that are available that week and will obtain the car you are looking for. We were able to test drive the car by ourselves. We noticed a small scratch in the leather, and they fixed it for us easily. Their prices are very affordable - less than a dealership Show more
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Tara P 24 Sep 2012
Very clean, friendly place. Had the car in one day with no hassle, or used car dealers. Would recommend to anyone who needs a car
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alfike 21 Sep 2012
Let me just say that I have purchased 4 vehicles from Richard, as well as had him sell one of mine. He does a great job at finding the right vehicle we need, plus he and Amber go the extra mile! That's not seen very much in the auto industry. We are very happy and always recommend our friends to ...them. They don't over charge, and offer great service. I think you'll be very happy with AutoLocators. Show more
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Robin L 19 Aug 2012
Bought a used 2006 Nissan Altima 2 weeks ago. No negotiation on price, but it was still a decent deal. We have had many issues with the car, but we give high marks despite the troubles because Amber did everything she could even though she didn't have to; it was purchased "as is" and yet she helped fix a few things after the purchase. To me that shows integrity. I would go back to purchase another vehicle. THANK YOU AMBER!! YOU ARE AN ANGEL :) In case anyone is curious as to the details: As a buyer I should have looked at the car more carefully. On the way home I tried to roll down driver side window, but it didn't roll down, though the others did. Hubby followed me home and noted that the optional tail light bar across trunk doesn't light. Noted ding in windshield I hadn't seen. And while I was paying for vehicle (yes, bring cash or checkbook as they do not have a credit card machine), they cleaned up the car quickly (it was closing time on Saturday), left some sort of white spray residue over front of black vehicle. Also idles sort of rough, though quick Google search shows that a low idle rate will cause vibration, so I will take it to a Nissan dealership to have it adjusted. Two days later the car didn't start; I jumped the car and it worked fine after that. The following Thursday I took the car back to have tint added, and I asked Amber Wise if she could have the battery issue and window issue looked at (and clean up the whitish spots on car); the rest we would deal with, as it was a used car sold "as is". (Admittedly the car window issue was my fault for not checking before purchase.) Amber was so sweet, she had her mechanic look at it. She called to say they added a new battery and the problem with the window was the motor; she checked w/the former owner, who said he would pay for half the cost of part if I paid the other half. I felt this was fair since I should have checked, so I was okay with that. The next day they found the issue was also with the window switch, so they had to order that, of which they would cover the cost. I picked up my car with 4 windows tinted & the motor & battery replaced, while they were ordering the switch. I would come back the following week for the switch replacement & driver's side window tinted. In the meantime, the new battery died. AutoZone told us the battery was not brand new, but several years old; however, it was still holding a charge, working fine, and something else is going on. At that point, I was very frustrated and just wanted the switch replaced and tint done so I could be done & then take it somewhere to look, thinking I had some power drain on the battery. When I took it back in, Amber felt really bad and wanted to have her mechanic look at it. So I left it another night. He says it was the broken switch drawing the power on the battery down. Yay! Switch was replaced w/another used one, which is fine - it is a used car, afterall. I picked it up Friday with the hope that it is all done. I paid the window tinting and 1/2 cost of window motor. Drove the vehicle last 2 days with no other issues. Hope the battery stays healthy :) The reason I give the high marks despite the troubles - Amber is absolutely a beautiful soul. She is well-meaning and I believe she does her best given the constraints with purchasing as-is used cars. She did not have to provide another battery, look at car, have motor/switch replaced...she did it because she wanted to be the best help she could. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY GO BACK THERE FOR ANY OTHER PURCHASE I need to make! THANK YOU AMBER!! :) Show more
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